Watching BBC iPlayer in Australia

If you are wanting to watch BBC iPlayer in Australia, then you are going to need a VPN. You will need a UK VPN server connected to your devices so that your IP address will switch to that you the UK rather than Australia.

This is not new news and millions of people have been doing this for well over a decade and is common knowledge. If you want to access BBC iPlayer, BritBox, ITV Hub or any other British TV app outside of the UK then a UK VPN will be needed. We recommend Privatrax, as it is one of the few that unblocks all of the British TV apps anywhere and is pretty cheap too. If you add the coupon code BRITBOX a year will go down to as low as £29.99 when you enter it as a promo code in annual selection. Simply visit to get this great deal.

In addition to using a VPN you will also have to switch off GPS location services on your device as this can still leak your true location even when connected to a VPN, but this is very simple to do.

Watching British TV will always be a popular thing to do in Australia as local TV is awful. It is also home to well over a million British passport holders at any one time and so there will always be a big need for this. Hopefully Britbox will become ordinarily available in Australia and new Zealand in the future, but for now you are best to stick to using a VPN*.

If you are wanting to watch Eastenders or Coronation Street in Australia then you are going to need to watch them using BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub as UKTV channel locally does not regularly show these. This is weird as channel 5 in the UK plays the major Australian TV shows for British people when in Britain and in turn Australians when they are living in the united kingdom.

Using a VPN for watching TV is not the only reason for having one though of course. Millions of people now use a VPN for gaining internet security and anonymity as when you are using a VPN to access the internet you get both of these great resources. When you are connected to a VPN it is virtually impossible for anyone to hack into your data packets, something which is a real worry when you are on public WIFI networks. In addition to security you also get anonymity. This means that you ISP will not be able to see what you are doing, neither will your government see this. Why would you want this? Well even if you are not downloading movies and music and are worried about being seen there are many online services that are switched off to people ordinarily by being blocked, where as when you use a VPN, these then become available again, such as Pirate Bay from Sweden.

All in all using a VPN has many uses and is certainly worth installing one of any device that you are using regularly online.

Nord VPN and Express VPN are popular VPN solutions, however we generally recommend Privatarx as it is one of the few left that unblock all UK TV apps, do not have any data caps and also are roughly half of the price of the big players at just £4.99 per month. You can get a year for £29.99 when entering the coupon promo code BRITBOX when selecting annual, simply visit to get this deal.